Anatomy Studies

These are some detailed drawings of the muscle structure. Front & back. I have seperated the muscle groups by a thicker pencil line.

I followed this on by paying particular attention to the shoulder region.

I’m fairly pleased with my anatomy drawings so far. I think they’re very detailed and presentable. Though if I were to go back and redo them, I would place markers and say what the muscle/groups were named. I will probably go back and add that in though at some point in the future when I have the time. Also I think I’ll go back and edit the shoulder picture, as I don’t think it’s quite clear enough for high brightness screens.

Now I have both anatomies of the human face, I can compare the 2 drawings and pin point where each muscle lies over the bone. I have also looked into the skeletal and muscular structure of the human face today. I carefully studied the anatomy and came up with some drawings. I believe all of my drawings could benefit from detailed shadowing, so this will be something I will look into as I always strive to improve my work.


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