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Anatomy Studies

These are some detailed drawings of the muscle structure. Front & back. I have seperated the muscle groups by a thicker pencil line.

I followed this on by paying particular attention to the shoulder region.

I’m fairly pleased with my anatomy drawings so far. I think they’re very detailed and presentable. Though if I were to go back and redo them, I would place markers and say what the muscle/groups were named. I will probably go back and add that in though at some point in the future when I have the time. Also I think I’ll go back and edit the shoulder picture, as I don’t think it’s quite clear enough for high brightness screens.

Now I have both anatomies of the human face, I can compare the 2 drawings and pin point where each muscle lies over the bone. I have also looked into the skeletal and muscular structure of the human face today. I carefully studied the anatomy and came up with some drawings. I believe all of my drawings could benefit from detailed shadowing, so this will be something I will look into as I always strive to improve my work.


A Starting Point – Animators & Artists

Any great animator has a decent understanding of the human anatomy, especially in 3D animation, which is where one of my interests lie. In order to create flawless character animations, knowledge of how the body works, both internally and externally, is vital.

From a human body made out of 2D objects I have estimated where you would see the muscle structure. This will give a good starting point for when I draw a more detailed muscle anatomy. For any aspiring animators or artists that are looking for a starting point, this is it. 

After this, I recommend 30 second drawings. Taken from PoseManiacs

–  ‘You will improve in recognizing aspects of figures in a short amount of time, and be able to draw accuruately with minimum lines. Making a large of number of sketches in a small amount of time may be good experience especially for beginners. This training will easily become your daily routine.’        I gave it a go, my results;

Carried on from the previous paragraph I have studied up on anatomy for humans. During my research I came across this book entitled ‘Anatomy Colouring Workbook’ by Edward Alcamo.

I highly recommend it to any aspiring animators. Regarding my own progression – I have drawn out some basic  human anatomy muscle structures. I feel that drawing them out myself will better increase my understanding of the specific muscle groups, as I will remember better what goes where. Not only will I be drawing out the muscles, but will also sketch out the basics of human form and movement. This will aid me in studying the striations of the limbs. The study of enorche drawing is figures without the skin depicting where the muscles should go. This technique makes it far easier to determine the anatomy spcifically. Looking back on it I would deffinately make the ‘skin’ more identifiable, as you can barely see it on the far left drawing.