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Summer & Beyond

Just can’t wait to be joining NTU in September as a Multimedia student!

Things I’m most looking forward to most are immersing myself into the local culture, both
professionally and personally. I mean, Notts is home to an amazing gaming and technology
culture, as well as my favorite haunts such as the Pit and Pendulum, Rock City and the castle..
places Ive grown a very fond love for over the years.

But meanwhile, in the summer I’ll be doing a short games design internship at Big Head Games over
in London, and then will be at Sherston Festival for the Saturday as a stage manager. In my spare
time I’ll be dedicating myself to networking and improving my skills in preparation for Trent and

All in all it’s going to be a very busy summer for me – and I plan on making the most of it.


My blog.

It’s about time I started one of these things. I’ll be using this blog for a few things; to get my work archived, to get my thoughts out there and so on. I won’t be using this blog for just work related things, but for anything and everything.