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A Steampunk Project

First tutorial today at Uni, and we have already been given our first assignments… which is pretty cool. As part of the assignment we need to document our progress through a blog, so this is my first post.

‘Design, build and animate a Chess Robot and its environment in the steam punk visual style that can apparently think, decide, pick and place objects. Your piece should focus on a limited “set” as quality and relevance is more important than volume, think elegant still life that moves.’

So me being me I’m going to get cracking right away.. I’ve already had a few ideas. Some that stand out are underwater scenes, with clockwork fish. A burlesque woman robot in a bar and a mechanical dragonfly in a forest. It’s definitely going to be a fun assignment creativity wise. I’ll update soon as I’m hoping to create a blog development post every few days.


Photos @ Olympics

These are some random pictures from my time in London at the Olympics, and the Athlete’s Village.