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London 2012

I’m currently doing a media internship at the London 2012 Games. (@2012Intern)

I signed up for this because I’ve been interested in events management for a while now, and I’m also a media enthusiast, so this is definitely where I’m meant to be.

I’m spending a month doing various media related stuff such as filming, editing and assisting with some social media. I’m also attending weekly staff lectures (with @Cleanevent) that focus on the business side of events and management which are really intriguing.

My future goals and ambitions are in a continuously changing, so I’m spending my summer’s in-between university (@TrentUni) experiencing different areas of the media and entertainment industries.

When I’m back at NTU, (studying Multimedia) I will continue to participate in local events an I will be joining up with (@Initi8) to further my experiences.

For the past year or so I’ve wanted to be involved in managing a special effects studio, but as I’ve been involved in different things my long term plans have changed. Right now the idea of large scale events management, combined somehow with my passion for multimedia really appeals to me. This could be gaming events, technology, photography, film.. ect.

Right now I’m focusing on fine tuning my practical skills, gaining contacts and getting experience. I’ve met people from all over the world, such as Australia, South Carolina, Hungary and other parts of the UK, and it’s only been 2 weeks.

After a week of constant work and spending my time working I realize that I have an even stronger urge to make something of myself. I’ve always had some ambition but now I’m dedicated to furthering myself professionally and personally.



My Internship

So it’s been a week days since I stepped into the field of Junior Games Designer, and what a week it’s been..

First off, quite a few people that I went to college and university with asked me how I got this temp job as they have looked for jobs but were unlucky. So I asked them how many CV’s and personal letters they have sent out to companies, and they said none. Well there’s your answer… In my opinion you have to get out there and put your mark down, because if you don’t, future potential employers won’t think you’re committed or passionate.

Anyways, day 1..

I arrived at the studio unsure of what to expect, and I was right in thinking that it wouldn’t be what I was imagining. I had the image in my head of a group of geeky 20 somethings surrounded by pizza boxes working away. How wrong I was.. my perspective of a typical development studio has certainly changed. In reality the workspace was very professional, no pizza boxes and everyone was just getting on with things. Silence.

After a meeting it was down to me to design a game, write up a game design pitch document, and they would send it off to their publisher. I was fairly confidant that I could write a brilliant GDD, as I have written one before. But it soon dawned that the way I did it before was not what they were looking for.

When I applied to this company, I originally tried for a position in QA, and stated that games design was a passion of mine but had no real experience in it. So my team know that I’m still in my learning curve phase, and they are guiding me in the right direction of how professional games design works.

So far I’m really getting a great understanding how how a games studio works. The CEO has in a way taken me under his wing to give me advice and tips on how to make things work in this industry.